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Trym Brunmark signs for Staebek, a Norwegian First Division Club.

Trym Brunmark left Barcelona only to return. His first experience at Marcet was in 2017 when he started with an intensive course and went on to sign up for the Academy’s High Performance Professional Program. Following this, he returned to Norway, where he signed for one of the best teams in the country. “I signed my contract for Stabaek, a professional club from the First Division”, remembers the midfielder. “The technicians valued my skills highly and even put me in a higher category with players older than myself”.

Trym stayed in Barcelona for five months. His progress during this period was spectacular: “I wanted to come here because I had heard great things about Marcet and I really learned a lot. I improved my first touch and learned how to move to find opportunities in front of goal. I can say that my technique is three times as good as it was before coming to Barcelona”.

Trym Brunmark en 2017, durante su primera experiencia en Marcet.
Trym Brunmark in 2017, during his first experience at Marcet Academy.

The Norwegian midfielder, who also made use of those months to learn Spanish and English, discovered a new methodology at Marcet. “I trained at the beach and in a swimming pool for the first time. The video-analysis sessions were also very helpful. In these, an expert shows various clips of your plays and explains how you should move on the field and which areas of the pitch you should occupy. In Norway they also show us footage of play, but it’s different. Here they show you how to improve every detail, no matter how small”.

After that first experience in 2017, Trym decided to make the most of the 2019 summer holidays to sign up to another intensive course at Marcet. “The first time I came they looked after me so well. Everyone wanted to be my friend. In just a few days I adapted perfectly to the new environment and now I’m back to improve even more, but also to perfect my Spanish and make new friends. I really enjoyed it the first time and I’m enjoying again now”.


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