A tournament rich easter


Inter, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Villarreal… Marcet squads went up against some of the best clubs in Europe in four tournaments.

Easter tournaments were held in Milan and various Spanish cities. Over 200 players left Barcelona to take part in high level championships and, above all, taught highly valuable lessons.

Of the twelve sides that left to compete, five of them were Fundación Marcet U-14 squads. Four of them travelled to Italy to compete in the Milano Football Festival, a tournament in which 16 squads from different countries take part. Marcet’s 2006 squad were crowned champions after beating FC Inter in the final – the club that organised the tournament.

“Travelling to other cities around the world to compete in, are very unique experiences”, explains the Marcet pedagogical director. “A part from the football, we were able to visit the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, also known as the San Siro, and the most well known monuments in Milan. All of the kids went home with great memories and new friends. An enriching experience that will not only make them better athletes but also better people”.

La Selección Marcet de 2009 desfila en Castellón.
La Selección Marcet de 2009 desfila en Castellón.

El quinto equipo de las categorías inferiores no viajó a italia, sino a Castellón, para participar en el torneo Primer Toque. Los chicos de la Selección 2009 ganaron la fase de plata tras enfrentarse a rivales de renombre, el Valencia CF entre ellos.

The fifth side took part in the Primer Toque tournament. The kids from the 2009 squad won the silver stage after facing well-known rivals, Valencia CF was amongst some of the names.

The final was decided by a penalty shootout, where Marcet’s goalkeeper managed to stop three of the rival’s penalties. After various days of training on the intensive courses in Barcelona, scholars from the over-14 groups left the city to go up against top level rivals. The U-16s and U-19s were divided up and went to Oviedo and Villarreal.

In the city situated in the province of Valencia, where the Yellow Cup was held, was where the largest Easter group travelled to. Around 80 people got the chance to compete against Villarreal CF or Levante UD at one of the most modern sport facilities in Spains.
Out of the three teams that went to the Oviedo Cup, two of them were the main characters in the final of the silver stage of the U-19s category, in which Marcet Profesional faced Marcet Internacional where the final result ended up 2-0 to Marcet Profesional. Before the clash between them, both teams played against high level opposition like Real Zaragoza and Real Oviedo SAD.


In the U-16s category, Marcet Profesional managed to get to the Golden stage after beating Atlético de Madrid, but were eliminated in the last 16 against CA Osasuna. “All the kids went home happy and stood up to some really top level sides”, sums up Carlos Rivero. According to the head coach of Marcet’s High Performance Academy, taking part in these type of tournaments is vital for the learning curve of players that want to turn football into a profession. “Learning to compete is key, and playing against clubs of this calibre is making a move in the right direction”.

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