Kazakh Pride


Valeriy Valmeri, selected for his U15 National Team during his second year at Marcet Academy.

Valeriy Valmeri has just got back from the gathering of the U15 National Team of Kazakhstan. It was his first taste of action with the national side and the midfielder cannot hide his excitement, “It was an honour to wear the shirt of my country. I hold their crest deep in my heart. I got quite nervous during the first training session, but soon realized that in order to perform I had to calm myself down”.

This turnaround paid off. After watching his team lose against Armenia from the bench, Valeriy got the chance to face Belarus as part of the starting line-up. And he made quite an impression, setting up one of the goals for the win (4-1) that allowed his team to defeat their rival. All in all, a very positive experience for the 14 year old midfielder, currently in his second season at Marcet Academy.

“Marcet trainers ALWAYS stop you and explain what you have to do. They constantly correct you.”

“One day, just after school, my Mum phoned me to say that I had been chosen to play for the National Team. At first, I couldn’t believe it”, remembers Valeriy, who was the only one who attended these matches from abroad. “Everyone else plays and lives in my country, but I decided to train in Barcelona to improve”.

“In Spain it’s different because they always ask that you give 100%. At Marcet, for example, when you make a mistake, the trainers stop you and explain what you have to do. They constantly correct you. Every training session is difficult because they push you to the limit”.

Imagen de Valeriy Valmeriy en la página web de la Selección de Kazajistán.
Valeriy Valmeriy’s profile page on Kazakh National Team website.

Challenges are exactly what Valeriy enjoys. Competition is his everything. “Matches are what I like best. This year I’ve been able to play against First Division sides such as Villarreal, Levante and Girona. Having the opportunity to face rivals of this level is fundamental for improving”.

At Marcet, Valeriy has learned to correctly occupy the different zones of the pitch. “Now I know that I have to move a lot to open passing lines. This is crucial in football, but I wasn’t aware of it before reaching Barcelona. If I had not come to Marcet, I would not have found this out. Nor would I know that you always have to fight up until the last moment”.


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