A before and an after


At 18 Víctor Cabañas has already been summoned for the Libertadores Cup.

At 18 Víctor Cabañas has already been summoned for the Libertadores Cup. A true “personal pride” for this powerful forward from Cerro Porteño, a Paraguayan team in which he also serves as a winger, both right and left.

Question.- How did you find out about the Marcet Academy?

Answer.- It was through a friend of my parents whose son was training there. When they asked me if I would like to go to Barcelona, ​​I did not hesitate to accept the proposal. From 2015 to 2018 I was in the Professional Program, where I discovered my love for football.

Q.- What do you mean? Didn’t you like it before?

A.- Of course, but living the Spanish football environment was very important. Before going to Marcet, to be a professional player wasn’t may goal, but things changed in Barcelona . I can’t forget everything I learned, all the trips we made to other European countries to participate in tournaments, all the matches that I was able to play against great teams. I especially remember a tournament in Rome where we played the final against Torino.

Q.- What exactly did you learn in Barcelona?

A.- I learned the technique, being able to have a faster and more fluid game, the vision of the game and, above all, the attitude to have on the pitch. Then I also learned to handle myself at thousands of kilometers from my house, of course always having the close supervision of Marcet’s tutors and coaches. The Victor who has returned to Paraguay is very different from the Victor who traveled to Spain. I came to Marcet as a child with a passion for football and I returned to my country as a potential professional player.

“I came to Marcet as a child with a passion and I CAME BACK to PARAGUAY as a potential PROFESSIONAL player”

Q.- It didn’t take long for Cerro Porteño to notice you…

A.- When I returned to Paraguay, they interviewed me on a television program. A technician from the Club Cerro Porteño saw it and contacted my parents to do some tests. This is how they selected me. It was something unexpected and surprising, since I had just returned from Spain. The fact of signing for such an important club in South America opened my eyes and made me see a new horizon.

Víctor Cabañas en un partido con el Cerro Porteño.
Víctor Cabañas in a Cerro Porteño’s match.

Q.- How is the season going?

A.- At the beginning of 2021 I was selected to be part of a group that trained with the first team. I took it as a reward, since at that time the lower categories were not training due to sanitary restrictions. Then I was included in the call for the Copa Libertadores and, when all the championships resumed, I started competing in the U-18 category.

Q.- And you were also summoned to the National Team …

A.- Yes, I was summoned to the U-20 for the observation cycles with a view to the South American tournaments next year. I am playing every game and that makes me feel happy and proud, as it confirms that the effort and sacrifice that I put into training and games at my club have their reward.

Q.- How do you see the future?

A.- Now I want to finish the year well so that next season (or -why not?- before) I have the opportunity to train with the main team and be able to be on par with those who are playing in the first team. Regarding studies, this year I started studying International Trade at the Catholic University of Asunción. My goal is to carry out my studies at the same time as football.

After this interview, Víctor Cabañas fulfilled his dream of playing in Paraguay’s First Division. His debut occurred in the country’s league match, facing Libertad. Víctor is the first among 40 players accepted into Cerro Porteño after their time at Barcelona’s Marcet Academy, making it a significant achievement for him and his career.

Happiness: Cabañas fulfilled his dream of debuting in the first division.

“A dream come true. Happy to have debuted for the club I love. I am grateful for the unconditional support from everyone who has been by my side. Let’s go, Cerro,” declared Víctor, full of emotion and gratitude after the match. His passion for football and commitment to the sport drives him to seek new challenges and continue growing both on the field and in his academic pursuits.

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