Dream fulfilled


After training in China and Kuwait, Marc Vinyals arrives at Barça’s Methodology Department.

“The decision to be a coach was almost unconscious. They told me to take a team, and that’s how it all began. I had always liked dealing with people, and more with children. I had always exercised a bit of leadership in the teams I had been. I liked knowing why things were done, figuring out ways to improve everything. That got me more and more hooked “.

Marc Vinyals came to Marcet in the 2019-20 season. “At that time I was looking for family stability. I came from a sort of tour abroad. I had been sports director of Kazma SC, in Kuwait. Then I coached the U-19 team of Tianjin Tianhai FC, a team of the Chinese Super League. And I was also in a project from the Bejing University of Sports. After spending so much time away, I wanted to find an opportunity close to home that would allow me to make a living from football and help me continue to grow. Marcet was the perfect opportunity. ”


The Catalan coach was at this academy for two seasons, where he joined the coaching staff that manages the Professional Program, aimed at students from all over the world who come to Barcelona for sports and academic training. “Marcet helped me a lot to change my way of seeing football. The mission of this academy is to focus more on the player than on the team, and that made me see things differently. This is what I value the most about that experience. Maybe before I was not able to see what each player needed, I was looking more at the group. In Marcet I understood that if you do not focus on the person and their needs, in the end the team itself will suffer. In this sense, this academy gave me a lot.”

Marc Vinyals habla a un jugador Marcet durante un desplazamiento en autocar.
Marc speaks to a player during a coach trip.

Another aspect highly valued by Marc during those two seasons was the possibility of being alongside coaches, sports psychologists, analysts, physical trainers and other professionals fwith whom he had to collaborate on a daily basis. “It is a constant contact that makes you improve and discover new aspects. Being able to be with so many people is a privilege and makes you much more complete.”

After this “enriching experience” at Marcet, Marc received an irrefutable offer from FC Barcelona, ​​which invited him to join its Methodology Department. “The first day you enter, you immediately realize that you are in an immense club, with a top demand. Barça was my favorite team since I was little, it is a dream come true. So much so that I could consider it as a point of arrival. However, it is also true that we always need to grow, dream, set new challenges. So I also see it as a new beginning. “

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