‘Humility and improvement’


A place at Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa comes with a price and for Vladimir Osipov it was understanding that he still had a lot to learn.

Five years ago Vladimir and his family decided to leave their country and move to Spain. His destination was Barcelona, and the reason was football. At 12 years of age, the Russian forward wasn’t entirely satisfied with his local team. Looking for an academy to up his game, Vladimir came across Marcet. Vladimir Osipov has just signed to Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa and is ready to start a new adventure with the Second Division team.

Question.- Did your family really move for football?

Answer.- Yes, football was definitely the main reason. My mother still lives in Barcelona, I’m based in León.

Q.- What are your first impressions after having joined Cultural?

A.- Here there is quality and they know how to take care of their players. I feel like it’s a big opportunity for me.

my family left russia to move to barcelona. soccer was the reason

Q.- What kind of player are you?

A.- Number ten or inside forward. I think I have decent technique, a powerful long-distance shot and game vision. That said, I’m somewhat lazy…

Q.- Lazy?

A.- Something that really helped me improve was moving passed thinking that I was good. I had to be more humble, try harder and run faster. This was something that I saw really clearly at Marcet, especially thanks to coaches like Pere Tarradellas. I understood that I wouldn’t get anywhere without enthusiasm. This is how I made progress on the pitch and as a person.

Q.- What are your best memories of Marcet?

A.- Without a doubt the trip to France that happened in the 2017/18 season. The coach hours were long, but it was worth it. It was a great experience, because the rivals were tough. I also loved going to play Mallorca, in one of the best sports cities I’ve ever been to.

Q.- And your greatest satisfaction?

A.- Learning to not waste time and understanding that work is what is helping me to be better.



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