“A question of intensity”. Why a father took his child to Marcet


“Two weeks can’t turn anyone into the best player in the world, but I want to know whether my son can become a professional footballer”.

The first time Ernest took to his son to a professional football match in New York, young Jason decided that football was going to be his future. From there it was clear that they had to find a football academy in Europe. Searching the web they found Marcet and decided to sign Jason up for the Talent Cup. Ernest travelled with him as well. “I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to see if I liked it or not. If it was going to be good for him or not. And I liked what I saw”.

The video above shows Ernest and his sons experience in Barcelona, where they stayed for 2 weeks.  A period where Jason sweated a lot and improved day by day. His father, who was by his side: “I was expecting intense training sessions, but what I’ve seen exceded my expectations. Two weeks won’t turn anyone into the best player in world, but I wanted Jason to have the experience to know whether my son has what it takes to play professional football”.



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