The World Cup comes to Marcet. Challenge the best!


Training and competition go hand in hand in a tournament in which the football academies of teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Milan have participated.

The Academies’ World Cup of Football is the international tournament that has been exciting players from all over the world for more than 30 years. With Europe’s most renowned teams showing up every summer, it’s the ideal championship to see grassroots football’s most promising talent in action. The World Cup is none other than an international tournament that, as well as getting the little ones fired up and excited about football, also makes for invaluable motivational stimulus to making progress in everyone’s favourite sport.

The tournament, aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 13, goes beyond competing. At Marcet, we believe that matches aren’t the be all and end all of football, but a means of learning within the process of player training. That is why the tournament days are combined with High Technification courses specifically designed to provide players with the skills and values necessary to compete at the highest level. The World Cup is revolutionary precisely because of its focus since it puts the education and training of the player before the competition as such.

Un equipo celebra su triunfo en la Academies' World Cup of Football.
A team celebrates its triumph by raising the Cup of the Academies’ World Cup of Football.

Therefore, every morning on campus is dedicated to training. Students work on different objectives according to their age and technical level, with the aim of reaching maturity both as players and as people: competitive experience, game vision, quick decision making, game analysis, adaptive strategy, self-awareness, sacrifice, perseverance, companionship, discipline…

The games that are played in the afternoon put into practice everything learned in training. Competing against select rivals is undoubtedly a valuable added incentive. Dozens of renowned teams have participated in the World Cup in recent years, such as the football academies of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, Valencia CF and AC Milan… “For my players, going to this tournament is a treat,” explains Francisco Gutiérrez, coach of a subsidiary of Atlético de Madrid, as he shares his team’s experience during last year’s World Cup with us:

But the Academies’ World Cup of Football is not only open to team participation. In fact, every year most players come on their own behalf. The tournament management team will be responsible for incorporating each student to a specific team. In the following video, the tournament coordinator Rubén Martí walks us through his workflow and tells us about his day to day during the World Cup:

“When you’re working with so many people, there are many fronts that have to be covered: attending to family members, children with specific problems, coaches, teams that come to take part in the World Cup… There’s definitely a certain degree of satisfaction in seeing the sum of challenges and problems solved and the kids learning and happy. It’s then that you feel like the work you have done has been worthwhile.“

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