Relentless pursuit to success


Yohanner Ruiz, the Honduran who seeks to fulfill his dream in Zaragoza, demonstrates unwavering determination on his path to success.

Yohanner Ruiz stands out for his fighting spirit, bravery, and humility. His versatility on the field, performing both as a winger and second striker, and his ability to support his teammates, are distinguishing traits. “I fight for every ball until the last minute or the time that the coach gives me,” he asserts with determination.

Versatility. The Honduran stands out as a winger and second striker.

His journey began in Honduras, where the Marcet Academy held a Soccer Camp, and his ability stood out among his peers. “I traveled in 2020 and came for three months, but COVID happened, and I ended up staying at Marcet for the whole year. I’m thrilled I did it because I learned many football concepts and grew as a person,” he recalls.

During his time at the Academy, Yohanner highlights getting to know teammates from different countries, the tournaments he played in, and his promotion from the lower divisions. “I remember important moments when we used to go on the weekends to deliver food to the people in need who usually sleep on the streets. These are experiences that I cherish and have enriched me as a human being,” he candidly reveals.

The Marcet Academy allowed Yohanner to grow as a footballer and as an individual. “During those two years, I improved in all aspects: sports, mental, tactical, and discipline. I will carry that philosophy and education wherever I go,” he affirms.

Yohanner fights for the ball against Zaragoza, his upcoming football destination.

In 2022, the Honduran had a great opportunity in his career: to try out at Real Zaragoza. “The club contacted Carlos Rivero (Sports Director of the Marcet Academy), and he conveyed the message to me,” he remembers. “They told me to pack my bags, and the next day I had two trials.

Crucial goal against Barcelona Juvenil A. Determined the final 2-2 draw.

Now, in the ‘maño’ team, Yohanner has clear objectives. “I’m giving my all to fulfill my dream of being considered for the first team and recognized for my qualities,” asserts the forward. “My dream is to be a professional footballer and provide my family a better life through football. They have fought a lot, supported me from a distance, and encouraged me. I want to give them back the love and affection they have given me.”

Yohanner’s story is that of many football enthusiasts who seek to make their dreams come true through their passion. No matter where, he will pursue his dream and give everything to achieve it, for the love he feels for the sport, and above all, for his family, who is always by his side despite the distance.

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