The Venezuelan Kaiser


Alejandro Cova reaches the Spanish ‘División de Honor’ after four years at Marcet.

Alejandro Cova Urbina has just played an excellent season in the ‘Liga Nacional’ as a U-18 player for Atlético Madrid. In the 2020-21 season he had a leading role in the ‘colchoneros’ team, ending second in the final table. But how did this Venezuelan defender come to play in one of the best leagues in Spain?

“I arrived at the Marcet Academy in the summer of 2012,” says Alejandro, who can also serve as a defensive midfielder. “At the beginning I took a technification course and then I ended up signing up for the Professional Program. My family met Marcet online, but also through references from other families who had already visited this football school. For me it was a great opportunity to enhance my technique and learn much more. ”

Q.- What did you learn in Barcelona?

A.- Apart from the technical aspects, I also worked on tactics. Above all, I learned to better defend and to cover my teammates. Regarding the mental aspects, I worked a lot on the discipline and perseverance that elite football requires. Everything I learned at Marcet helped me to improve and to grow as a person and as a footballer. It has been my base.

Q.- What were the most difficult moments in this training process?

A.- The beginning was the hardest moment, since I had to adapt to live in another country. I faced a new culture, I had to go to another school … But I quickly adapted. At Marcet we were like a family. We always did a lot of activities and that helped me overcome difficulties.

Q.- And then what happened?

A.- Once my cycle at Marcet was over, Europa signed me and I spent two years with this Barcelona team. The second season was very good, and that’s how Atlético de Madrid signed me. Finding myself inside this great club was incredible. Wearing that shirt was a pride and a responsibility.

After two years in the ranks of Atlético, Alejandro began the 2021-22 season with the sides of Rayo Vallecano in the Division of Honor. The signing has been celebrated by the club website, that described the center-back as “the Kaiser of the U-19 team”.

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