Álvaro Fernádez is the Spanish U-17s undisputed number 1 and has everything going for him in order to become one of Spanish football’s biggest stars.

Like many other goalkeepers from the most prominent clubs in Spain, Álvaro Fernández Calvo wanted to have a first hand experience in Marcet’s Methodology. He knew about the intensive courses that are held in Madrid, where he attended for first time at the age of 10. But in 2012 and 2014, when the keeper was keeping Real Madrid’s goal safe, he decided to head over to the headquarters in Barcelona for the summer. A few months later, some of Spains national squad’s coaches saw him and called him up for an important tournament held in Moscow.

Since then, Álvaro has become the undisputed number 1 of the ‘Roja’. Where he is currently defending the national colours at the U-17s World Cup which is being held in India. It’s been impressive career so far for Malaga CF’s current number one, where he arrived in 2016 after five seasons at Real Madrid CF and three at Rayo Vallecano.

Originally from Arganda, Álvaro was a key part in the National squad in getting into the World Cup. He stopped the first of Germany’s penalties in the semifinal’s of the European Championships. That ‘huge hand’ is what, not only enabled Spain to proceed to the final of the competition, but also cemented their place in the World Cup. In the video below, Spain’s goalkeeper goes through how he prepares himself for the emotional experience in India:

According to the website Fútbol Juvenil, the keeper from Madrid “stands out for his agility and flexibility”, even being over 1.80 meters tall. “He has excellent positioning on set plays and is brave when rushing out”, this is what was mentioned on Real Madrid’s official website, underlining his great ability with the ball at his feet.

A few of the techniques where, apart from his clubs, he also worked on at Marcet. “They’re very intense training sessions and it is exactly what I need to be prepared for the upcoming season”, confirmed the young keeper in this interview, made at Fundación Marcet’s facilities:

Álvaro was 10 the first time he put on the Marcet shirt. He wore it in Madrid, during a intensive Christmas course. “We learnt about Marcet through other people, when he turned 10 we decided to sign him up”, recalls Luis, the keeper’s father. “After that he went to a summer course in Barcelona. The experience was extremely enriching and positive, in all aspects. We have some really great memories”.

Álvaro is now entering a vital period in his footballing career. He has everything going for him in order to become one the biggest stars in Spanish football during the next decade. He continues to show his quality on the pitch until this current moment, without a doubt football has reserved an extremely high place for him in his professional career.