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1. Date of birth
There are an specific course for each age. Select yours. ¡You can select more than one!
2. Dates
Choose when do you want to practice.
3. Kind of student
Goalkeepers and players do a different kind of trainings to optimize the learning period and thir performace.
4. Residence
If you are coming from overseas, you can wake up next to the football fields. Sharing with your room mates new experiences in Barcelona.
5. City
Football is geting closer to you, choose where do you want to learn and improve your skills.
  • master-verano-barcelona

    Summer Master (World Cup)

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  • talent-cup-marcet

    Marcet Talent Cup

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  • desafio-barcelona

    Barcelona Challenge Summer Course

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  • madrid-verano

    Madrid Verano (Sur)

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