Marcet Neuro-Technologies

Marcet Neuro-Technologies

60 minutes in which exercises will be carried out with the help of technological elements that will help the player internalize key actions and details to become a more intelligent professional footballer.

This session will take place from 8:00 to 9:00 during the Easter, Summer and Christmas intensive courses held in Barcelona. Its contract must be compulsorily linked to participation in one of the intensive courses.


GAIN A DEEP ANALYSIS OF YOUR MOVEMENTS: Each exercise is recorded so that the player can see how they acts in each one of them and have an initial visualization of their movements in each exercise. They will have a real-time analysis of their actions to study these together with the analyst who will correct them immediately, helping them to assimilate concepts.

CUSTOMIZATION: The participant will have 2 analysts dedicated exclusively to them for 60 minutes

OBJECTIVITY – Concrete data:

  • Smart ball (measures spin, power, direction, hitting zone…)
  • Video: shows evidence (example: how you position your body or foot when you take a shot)
  • LED and motion sensors: measures the execution time of each action

LEARNING: Player sees themselves, so internalize and understand better. The analyst asks the student instead of giving them the answer, so the player makes the effort to think and retain what the analyst says, making it easier to implement afterward.

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If you have questions about any of our courses or you want us to send you more information, fill out the following form, or you can call us:


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DRIVING AND SHOOTING – Learn how to handle the ball until you score a goal.

Learn to drive the ball, protecting it from opponents. We mentalize you to raise your head with the ball at your feet so that it will be easier for you to identify the best option at every moment. You will work on your reaction speed and your running shot.

FREE KICK – Know the secrets of a perfect shot and control the pressure

Improve your shooting technique at free-kicks. We will use a smart ball containing a chip that measures power, spin, hitting zone and analyzes the ball’s trajectory. Each shot is recorded and analyzed on the spot, showing the player all the details to be taken into account for the correct execution of a shot: with which part of the foot to hit the ball, how to place the support foot and the body, the steps before the impact on the ball. Morevover, the player will be taught to take into account variables such as wind, height and position of the goalkeeper and the barrier. All of this will be corrected on the spot, so that the player can apply the corrections to the next shot and gradually internalize the knowledge they acquire, thus improving their effectiveness.

CONTROL & PASSING – Which partner do I pass to? Make the best decision

Knowing how to choose the best option for passing the ball requires knowing at all times which player is best positioned to receive the ball. In this exercise, the LED lighting will be used to simulate the receiver’s offside. To do this well, it is important to be attentive and constantly look at the goals surrounding the player. It is very important to control and orient the body before making the pass, so that it arrives quickly, properly, without losing it to the opponent. Whatever position you play in, this exercise is key in providing speed to the game.

GOALKEEPERS – Improve your reflexes and learn to focus on the ball

The goalkeeper shall practice with stroboscopic glasses (they flash and obscure the vision intermittently) meaning that they must be very concentrated to fix their eyes on the direction the ball is taking in adverse situations (deflections from the defender, poor visibility, etc.). You will improve your perception of space and your intuition of the ball’s path to be more effective in blocking and/or clearing the ball, as well as to anticipate and cut off dangerous plays.

VIDEO REPORT – Learn from your performance and remember what you learned

A video report of the session is made and sent to the student the same day. The report is an exhaustive analysis of the session, biomechanics of the shot, analysis of throws and a detailing of the strengths and weaknesses manifested by the player in the session. It serves to work on these points in order to perfect their technique, so that the player knows all the secrets of a perfect shot. It will also include professional actions analyzed with precision so that the player has a clear example to serve as a reference.

INDIVIDUAL POST SESSION – Persevere in what you have learned

The player can have optional individual sessions, at a cost of 100€ each and 45 minutes long. They will work on personalized objectives obtained after the Neurotechnology’s session and will receive a live analysis, getting feedback from the analyst at the end of each session. The parent may be present.

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