Technical and tactical analysis of a player filmed in video

Videoanalysis is a fantastic tool that helps us to select the student’s plays that we want to evaluate, based on the record of a match or a training session.

This system provides to the player a different vision who helps him to understand those technical and tactial aspects that need to be improved.

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If you have questions about any of our courses or you want us to send you more information, fill out the following form, or you can call us:


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The student takes a series of penalties and free kicks with an analyst specialised in shot taking, who evaluates and corrects form and technique.

Players take shots with the latest-generation smart-balls.

During the session, the player is filmed in slow motion so that every shot can be played back and analysed immediately. This helps refine critique and improvement for a more efficient training session.

The student performs different exercises whilst wearing a pair of stroboscopic glasses that blocks vision at variable intervals.

El alumno realiza distintos ejercicios equipado con unas gafas estroboscópicas que le anulan la visión a intervalos variables.


Finishing exercises with LED-lit goalposts remote-controlled by the analysts. Thus, the player in training works on quick decision making.


A video report of the session is produced and then sent to the student later. The report is an exhaustive analysis of the session’s progress, the player’s shot biomechanics, shot analysis and a report of the player’s strengths and weaknesses manifested in the session. A tool for further work on these specific aspects of football to perfect technique and work towards the perfect shot. The video report includes the actions analyzed in the session, performed by a professional so that the player has a visual reference of what is to be achieved in the long run.

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