Football boldness


He had his first training session at age 10. Today, Jolvis Sosa plays in Venezuela’s First Division.

His uncles inspired him to want to play football. First his Uncle Gregorio, who he always saw playing with his neighbourhood team. Then Uncle Giancarlo, who motivated him to join his first team. “I had already turned 10 when I had my first real training session. That day marked my future. I convinced the coach by scoring a goal and giving several assists,” recalls Jolvis Sosa, who until that day had only played football at school and in his backyard.

After that dashing start, the Venezuelan midfielder passed through some of the best teams in their country, such as Gran Valencia Maracay, Deportivo la Guaira and Monagas. He also came to Marcet, where he attended a Summer Course in 2018 in order to experience first-hand contact with Spanish football. “Rafael Pugliese, my representative, recommended Marcet to me,” explains Jolvis, who stands out for his speed and ease in facing the opponent. According to the Venezuelan press, the midfielder has a “unique boldness” on the pitch.

Question.- Was your experience in Barcelona useful?

Answer.- In Venezuela I was already used to working with foreign technicians, who were also Spanish. But honestly, at Marcet I improved my technique a lot and managed to carry out a change in my attitude that now allows me to be more effective on the pitch. I am extremely grateful for this experience. It was a great pleasure for me to be part of that family.

“Now, my goal is to play outside of Venezuela so I can start moving up professionally”

Q.- And you already knew what it was to compete in the First Division

A.- Yes. I reached the Venezuelan First Division in 2017 with Deportivo la Guaira, after a lot of hard work in the lower categories and subsidiary teams. When the team manager told me the great news, I felt very happy and grateful. I knew that I had achieved this through discipline and effort. It was the reward of my sacrifices!

Q.- You also went through the National Team…

A.- That was in lower categories, with the U17’s. They summoned me in 2016, but a knee injury prevented me from maintaining any sort of continuity with the National team. I hope to get another opportunity to face important rivals internationally.

Jolvis Sosa con la camiseta del Deportivo la Guaira.
Jolvis Sosa playing for Deportivo la Guaira.

Q.- Then came your debut with Monagas. What does it feel like to play for one of the main teams in the country?

A.- Playing in the First Division is very important for me. Before each game I try to concentrate as hard as I can so I can be as effective and reliable as possible in the game, in order to make the most of it and actually enjoy it. Now, my goal is to play outside of Venezuela so I can start moving up professionally.


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