Intensive EA Sports™ FIFA course

Learn to play like a professional from internationally renowned teachers

Intensive EA Sports™ FIFA course


– From July 3rd to July 8th, from 11 to 17 years old

– Defensive, offensive tactics, skill moves and tricks

– Internationally renowned professional teachers

– Safe and supervised environment

– Physical exercise and injury prevention

– Coaching and personality development

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Professional eSports players around the world already number in the thousands, and football is no exception. More and more young people are deciding to turn their passion into a job, which is why competition in this sector is increasingly demanding. According to the latest reports published by the specialized press, the global eSports market currently generates more than 1.5 billion dollars in revenue per year.

Getting a foothold in that market is not impossible, far from it. However, being an eSports professional requires a high level of skill and dedication. Just like in any other sport, constant practice is not enough. What is needed is a true training plan that leaves nothing to chance, channeling passion towards specific, achievable and increasingly ambitious goals.

Torneo internacional de eSports.
International eSports tournament.



  • Set up an effective defense:
    • There is no better offense than a good defense. Learn the tricks to keep a clean sheet.
  • Improve the offensive phase:
    • Learn to control the times of the game and score more goals than your rivals.
    • Can’t you keep possession and reach the opponent’s goal? Here are the solutions.
  • Introduction to skill moves and tricks:
    • Do you want to outdo your rivals with a beautiful game? Beat them with the tricks we will teach you.
    • Learn to juggle the ball and use different options to succeed in each game context.
  • Introduction to Sports Psychology:
    • Do you feel like you lose confidence in yourself when you’re losing a game? Don’t know how to face a defeat? We will teach you how to overcame difficulties.


Definitely, staying at home to play on the sofa is not the same as signing up for an academy specialized in training gamers and capable of offering its students a safe and supervised environment. The Marcet course, which will focus on the EA Sports™ FIFA 23 game, allows its participants to access new techniques and receive constant feedback from the teachers. Thanks to their experience, they can guide the student step by step, correcting errors that the player himself would not know how to identify otherwise.



Precisely for this reason, the choice of coaches is key for the training process to get the expected results. And that is the reason why the supervisor of the Marcet courses is Alex Alguacil, a professional gamer who in recent years has represented FC Bayern Munchen and FC Barcelona in international tournaments, becoming champion of the eFootball™ Championship Pro in 2020, when He was awarded as MVP of the knockout phase.

Alex Alguacil representando a Barça y Bayern.
Alex Alguacil representing Barça and Bayern.

Under Alex’s leadership, Marcet students manage to develop their full potential, becoming the best version of themselves. A journey that involves establishing personalized roadmaps with clear, specific and measurable goals. Only in this way is it possible to keep the level of focus and motivation high, allowing players to constantly improve their skills over time.



But betting on eSports can not only open doors in a market that is currently in full expansion. An EA Sports™ FIFA 23 course is also the perfect opportunity to exploit the potential of video games as a 360º training tool, through which it is possible to:

  • Learn technical skills
  • Work psychomotor coordination
  • Train memory
  • Correct attention problems
  • Improve reaction times
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Progress in decision making
  • Learn to solve problems in real time
  • Learn to work together
  • Enjoy time with new friends

In short, it is about acquiring a series of skills that are perfectly transferable to other educational or professional fields. Including physical activity, a central and often undervalued element in the training of a gamer.



Although eSports do not require a level of athletic preparation comparable to that of other sports, leaving this aspect aside would be a crucial mistake. In order to compete at a professional level, players must be in excellent physical shape. Having a body in good condition is essential to improve concentration and mental resistance. Regular aerobic exercise ends up improving lung and cardiovascular capacity, which not only reduces the risk of injury, but also affects a gamer’s performance.

From there, it becomes clear that a good player has to know when to move away from the screen, and then return to it with more force. For this reason, the Marcet courses foresee a very careful alternation between controller and physical work, giving the latter a central role in the students’ training:



  • 09:00am -> Physical training
  • 09:30am -> Physical training
  • 10:00am -> Physical training
  • 10:30am -> FIFA 23 class
  • 11:00am -> FIFA 23 class
  • 11:30am -> FIFA 23 class
  • 12:00pm -> Swimming pool
  • 12:30pm -> Swimming pool
  • 1:00pm -> Lunch
  • 1:30pm -> Rest
  • 2:00pm -> FIFA 23 class
  • 2:30pm -> FIFA 23 class
  • 3:00pm -> FIFA 23 class
  • 3:30pm -> Personality development
  • 4:00pm -> Personality development
  • 4:30pm -> Personality development
  • 5:00pm  -> Physical training
  • 6:00pm -> Physical training

*The order of activities may vary depending on the number of students.


Physical activity has to be an essential complement to classes in front of the screen. Marcet sports city offers a variety of facilities ranging from football fields to paddle tennis courts, including gym and swimming pool. Those activities are necessary to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, contributing not only to improve mood and increase energy, but also to prevent bad postures from becoming entrenched.



Body imbalances can arise naturally as a consequence of our daily work, and even more so if we spend a lot of time in front of a screen with a controller in our hands. But these adaptive asymmetries, in addition to negatively affecting the back, neck and wrists, can also be detrimental to the player’s biomechanical performance. Preventing these decompensations with constant physical activity is therefore one of Marcet’s training objectives, which also offers his students the possibility of carrying out a true structural diagnosis to determine the extent of postural vices acquired over time.



Finally, the FIFA 23 Intensive Course provides for daily personality development sessions. Both in real and virtual sport, getting to know oneself and improving one’s own self-esteem is essential to achieve optimum performance. Marcet coaches mission is precisely to guide this process through activities capable of developing skills such as communication, empathy, conflict resolution and the ability to work as a team. By learning to reflect on themselves and their environment, students are able to identify their strengths, weaknesses, values, interests, objectives and emotions, which leads them to maintain an optimistic attitude that ends up feeding back progress in the strictly sporting field.

Preparación de un torneo de EA SPORTS™ FIFA.
Preparing for an EA Sports™ FIFA tournament.



It is very important not to confuse the Marcet courses with summer camps whose sole purpose is to entertain children during their vacations. These are courses that do not have a defined pedagogical method and often only have the shield of a great club as the only marketing reference. The main objective of these camps is not the learning of the students. These, if they are lucky, will spend a few days enjoying their passion, but it will be difficult for them to progress as gamers.

For this reason, it is very important that both parents and players are aware that the intensity and the physical and mental demands of the Marcet courses are very high. That’s not to say that students don’t have fun learning. Every day they experience and assimilate a large number of concepts, skills and techniques fully aware of their progression. Despite the hard work of the whole day, they are looking forward to the next day because they know that with each passing minute they are improving as players and as people.



The residence service – with supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – is optional for those gamers who do not live in Barcelona. Students in a full board accommodation receive an extra uniform and enjoy a series of leisure activities outside of training hours, such as go-karting, laser tag or tourist-type excursions.

The standard accommodation is in rooms with a minimum of four people, which makes it possible to promote coexistence and socialization among the participants. Depending on their availability and the influx of students, the offer can also be adapted in multiple rooms with bunk beds prepared for eight or more players. However, if a family wants their child to live in double rooms, it is always possible to hire this type of solution by paying a daily supplement to the price of the course (limited offer).

An optional pick-up and drop-off service at the airport, train station or buses is also available for students traveling alone. It is a personalized accompaniment and carried out by a responsible Marcet. In the case of needing to extend the nights of stay -both before the start of the course and at the end- to match the dates and times of flights or trains, it is possible to contract extra nights in the residence.



At Marcet we want to make sure that your investment is not affected by any circumstance. That is why, in the event that a certain student cannot attend the course for whatever reason, they will always have the possibility to look for other dates to enjoy our services. In addition, the price includes external insurance for cases that may require it.


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